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 "The Russian-born Ganjetsian practically jogged on stage before attacking Brahm's athletic writing for the keyboard with infectious enthusiasm and dazzling dexterity. The chiseled octaves and powerful chords in the opening cadenza were a harbinger of things to come, though Ganjetsian has a gift for nuance, too; the yearning sighs of the second movement were delivered patiently, affectionately."
- The Saint John Express

  "Ganjetsian is, physically, a very diminutive player, but she uses her strength aptly and wisely. More fascinating is the way in which she can suggest a seething volatility lying just beneath the surface without, in some cases, rising above a pianissimo."
- The New Glasgow Observer

   "Ganjetsian...gave an extroverted performance that matched the energy with which she bounded onstage. Her flashy technique and easy-going expressiveness were perfect for Rachmaninoff's essentially swashbuckling piece."
- Stephen Pedersen, The Chronicle Herald, Halifax

  "Ganjetsian was in complete command from the forceful solo that opens the first movement to the pounding, syncopated   ostinato of the allegro finale."
  - The Yarmouth Gazette...

  Pianist Saida Ganjetsian gave a marvelous performance. Thank you so much for giving us a pleasure to hear such an   unforgettable gems..."
  - Wednesday Ladies Music Club, Austin, Texas.

  The kind of young lion that can take on a big, bold, difficult concerto and make it a heart stopping event."
- Colin Eatock, The Toronto Globe and Mail

  Shostakovich's Piano Quintet with Saida Ganjetsian and Saint John String Quartet was splendid, especially the austere, dramatic parts..."
- Hants Journal, Windsor, Canada

  The recital of music by Medtner and Mussorgsky given Sunday by pianist Saida Ganjetsian was technically brilliant and artistically compelling. Ganjetsian conveyed a sense of the familiar suite as a coherent whole, clearly characterizing not only the pictures but the composer promenading among them.
- David Mead, Austin  Statesman
Saida Kafarova
Concert Pianist and Master Piano Teacher