Piano Duo
Why Study Piano?
My Teaching philosophy:

I teach students of all ages, starting at age 5 to adults. I constantly and tirelessly work on true musicianship through developing excellent technical skills in my students. This allows them to easily tackle and perform pieces with technical and musical challenges.

I motivate my students by demonstrating them an efficient and fruitful practicing techniques during lessons, so they know how to practice on their own.

I focus students' attention on creating beautiful sound, perfect rhythm and timing from the very beginning. This way they know how a piece of music ought to sound, and start working on achieving flawless performance from the very beginning of the learning process. It makes learning process and music-making more enjoyable.

For me and my students piano learning is a pleasant, effortless, and relaxing experience.

In addition to this, my advantage and unique approach rests on me being a performing artist with extensive repertoire. Therefore I am able to demonstrate live to my students any piece from my repertoire .

My students won various competitions, including the winner of the 2004 Austin Symphony Concerto Competition, and were invited to perform recitals in many countries, including Simon Mayr Festival in Ingolstadt, Germany in October 2004.

We Will Learn...